Tech & High Growth

One team of specialists covering all accountancy, tax and advisory services for venture backed businesses from seed to unicorn to exit. Getting ahead of the challenges rapid scale creates.

You could say we’re an ecosystem for the ecosystem – a single point of contact, with a multitude of skills.

The Tech & High Growth team at Cooper Parry works with founders, CFOs and boards of high growth businesses. It’s made up of people who are dedicated to and connected within the ecosystem, people who are passionate about the venture journey and people who’ve got your back – helping you get ahead of the challenges that come with rapidly scaling a business.

Whether you’re at seed stage, looking to prepare for your next funding round or figuring out a way to exit your business, we’ve got a group of experienced and connected experts who can help.

Built from a standing start in 2020 the team is now 100 plus strong, working with 200+ post Series A scale-ups and over 400 start-ups. It’s a team like no other, equipped for every stage to support the market in ways other firms can’t.

Our proposition…


Our specialist team are focussed on ensuring your reporting and compliance ticks all the right boxes whilst working with you to understand your plans for scale and how we can make that happen for you and your business.


Supporting high growth, VC backed businesses with audit, tax and advisory services. One team, all service areas, matched to your mindset and ambitions.

Connected to the ecosystem

Over the past few years we’ve partnered an array of key players in the ecosystem. Delivering content and events that serve a purpose – to provide accessible and relevant information to educate and elevate those in the tech and high growth space.

Real value comes through genuine connection and an open book approach. Many of our in person events focus on the personal and mental challenges faced by those scaling at speed. This is then coupled with topical and crucial updates on everything from getting ready for diligence to the growing number of R&D claims we’re seeing in the sector.

Below you can see a flavour of our partnerships and the clients we support…



Tech Nation


HSBC Innovation Banking



All Plants




Modern Milkman

By the very nature of how we’ve built this team, we get that it’s not one size fits all. Our content and events are built around three communities:

Each one focused on providing curated support for different parts of the ecosystem.

You can digest all of the Tech & high Growth content here and get a flavour of our large scale events below:

The why

Head of THG, Steve Leith, explains why he built this team…

“After working for a corporate accountancy firm for many years I watched their interest in having a dedicated tech and high growth team decline. Not only was there a gap in the market for a team dedicated to this ecosystem, there was a need for it – VC backed businesses we’re either being serviced by teams that didn’t understand their journey or were being batted around between specialists trying to piece together the advice they required to scale.

So, when the pandemic hit in 2020, I found myself sat at home in front of a white board planning out how to build this team, I asked myself what a finance lead at a high growth business needs. And I’ve asked myself that question every day since as we’ve grown to a team of more than 100 in that short time.

For me it’s all about being a sounding board for every stage – helping to develop 100s of high growth specialists along the way, providing a platform for fulfilling careers and working with founders who are changing people’s lives with their ventures.”

Steve has built the team alongside a other key individuals who are equally as enthusiastic about the goal he envisaged 3 years ago.

Our Experts



PAUL, JAN 2024

“Excellent service for our first year audit.”


“R&D Claim: The results were better than expected. The additional cash will enable us to increase profitability”

ALAN, JAN 2024

“R&D Claim: The results were not as good as previous years. The additional cash will allow us to further invest in our R&D program.”


“Great to have a personal relationship with the whole team. Always willing to help. Sometimes a little slow to respond on some issues (but then again so are we). Audit team are brilliant, bar audits far to long now owing to the amount of sample data we have to provide, which is hard when you have a small team and limited time.”


“Great team, and much improved communication and pro-active engagement over the past three months.”

MARK, DEC 2023

ROB, DEC 2023

“R&D Claim: Having worked with the R&D team at CP for a few years now, I had a good idea what to expect. As per usual they exceeded our expectations. The additional cash will allow us to invest in our fleet.”


“Excellent service. Need to ensure pricing is competitive.”


“Good insights provided. Nice team to deal with. Need more consistency of team members and where this is not possible a better handover should be provided to new members. Need strong manager oversight on all audits, in particular where there are complex transactions etc. Improved communication between audit team and finance functions within the business.”


“Final Packs are taking too long, communication”