Tech & High Growth


The Tech & High Growth Scale-up team exists to support high growth, VC backed businesses with audit, tax and advisory services. One team, all service areas, matched to your mindset and ambitions.

A truly holistic approach to the scale-up ecosystem

The Tech & High Growth team at Cooper Parry services all your business needs as you scale – audit, tax, due diligence, R&D, share options, internationalisation, the list goes on. We know that most accountancy firms can support you in these areas, what’s unique about this team is our holistic approach.

One team, with expertise across all service lines, only working with businesses in the high growth ecosystem.

We’re yet to come across a firm that’s structured in the same way and yet we speak to finance leads and CFOs on a daily basis about the difficulties of trying to work with different teams to receive specialist, pragmatic advice.

It’s why Head of THG, Steve Lieth and Head of THG Tax, James Peck built the team that is now over 100 strong. Working with businesses from seed to unicorn to exit.

Below is a flavour of how we work with scale-ups across the UK:

Experience and expertise

As you scale, you need agile advice from people who understand your challenges. We will take the time to get to know you, your team and what you’re trying to achieve. It’s about having a likeminded sounding board – one that you can directly contact for fast responses and timely advice.

If you’re preparing for the next round of funding, we got you. Helping to ensure your businesses is diligence ready – our team are here to prep you for the scrutiny of venture capitalists. We work with many of the key players in the VC space and understand what they’re looking for.

Thinking about overseas expansion? We have in-house experts with the answers and access to a global network of support to unlock technically sound, international advice.

It’s all about taking an inclusive approach that’s focussed on a making sure your future activity is red flag free.

Tap into our content to understand how our team can strengthen your approach across a depth of challenges:

Topics we cover

International Expansion
Share Options
Getting Ready for Diligence

Connected to the ecosystem

We partner with the people that matter, to deliver content and support, in accessible ways. We’re big believers in paying it forward and share our insight as far and wide as we can. We love this ecosystem and care about its ability to thrive – anything we can do help that goal, is a big yes from us.

Founders Forum, Tech Nation, StartUp CFO, Plexal, HSBC Innovation Banking, Capsule Insurance… just some of the names we partner with.

We recognise that scaling businesses are all at different stages of the journey, and have content and event streams for each of these communities:

Our TechCFO community resonates strongly with the scaleup and later stage auidence. We had over 150 senior finance leads on the 24th level of The Shard at our summit in summer of 2023, with the likes of Jake Humphrey from The High Performance podcast delivering the key note.

We are determined to continue to grow this community with the summit set to be bigger and better in 2024.

This is supported by our CFO dinners which focus on different verticals within the ecosystem – examples include Deeptech, Fintech, Consumer and Enterprise Software.

You can find out more about the full scale of our partnerships and events here.


Tech Nation
Founders Forum
HSBC Innovation Banking

Our Experts



PAUL, JAN 2024

“Excellent service for our first year audit.”


“R&D Claim: The results were better than expected. The additional cash will enable us to increase profitability”

ALAN, JAN 2024

“R&D Claim: The results were not as good as previous years. The additional cash will allow us to further invest in our R&D program.”


“Great to have a personal relationship with the whole team. Always willing to help. Sometimes a little slow to respond on some issues (but then again so are we). Audit team are brilliant, bar audits far to long now owing to the amount of sample data we have to provide, which is hard when you have a small team and limited time.”


“Great team, and much improved communication and pro-active engagement over the past three months.”

MARK, DEC 2023

ROB, DEC 2023

“R&D Claim: Having worked with the R&D team at CP for a few years now, I had a good idea what to expect. As per usual they exceeded our expectations. The additional cash will allow us to invest in our fleet.”


“Excellent service. Need to ensure pricing is competitive.”


“Good insights provided. Nice team to deal with. Need more consistency of team members and where this is not possible a better handover should be provided to new members. Need strong manager oversight on all audits, in particular where there are complex transactions etc. Improved communication between audit team and finance functions within the business.”


“Final Packs are taking too long, communication”