22 February '23

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The need to collectively combat climate change has never been more pressing, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of our core challenges – as a business, a community, and a species.

At CP, we’ve set ourselves the goal of net zero by 2030 and achieving a 50% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions by 2026. To start driving that change, we’ve been measuring our emissions at every possible level our data allowed.

In the report below, you’ll find our data from FY22 compared to FY20. We chose FY20 as the baseline year because it’s more representative of our ‘normal’ operations pre-pandemic.

The results are promising. Truth be told, we’re proud of them. Electricity consumption is down 39%. Business travel has fallen 63%. And 90% of the electricity we consume is now backed by REGOs, meaning it came from renewable sources.

But, they’re also a reminder that there’s so much more to be done. And as we draw ideas, inspiration and actions from them, we know this is only the beginning of a journey that has no end.

Check out the full report HERE.