April Homer
7 November '23

2 minute read

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The Best Companies to Work For list has been announced for 2023, and CP continues to lead our industry across all things engagement.

For the seventh year, we’ve made it into the UK’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For list. We’re the 30th Best Large Company to Work For. And we’re still the #1 Accountancy Firm to Work For in the UK.

As always, the list is determined by the feedback our people gave about working here. So, in the same year we became the UK’s largest accountancy B Corp, these two titles mean more than ever.

As we continue our growth ambitions at pace, completing acquisition deals and welcoming more and more people to the business, we want to stay true to all the things that made CP an incredible place to be in the first place.

Celebrations like Best Companies and surveys like Gallup’s Q12 let us know we’re on the right track, and crucially, where we can improve. Because we’ve never been ones for “what ifs” at CP.

If there are boundaries to be smashed, experiments to be trialled or tweaks to be made, we’re always happy to take action, safe in the knowledge that we’re surrounded by the very best people. Trailblazers, high achievers, friends. All committed to finding a better, simpler, more impactful way.

April Homer, our Chief People Officer, commented:

“We’re beyond proud to once again be listed in the UK’s Top 100 Companies to Work For. We work hard to make CP a fun, inclusive and rewarding place to work. Do we always get it right? Of course not, but there’s a shared vision to do everything we can to make CP the place people want to join, and more importantly, want to stay at for a long time.

Best Companies is always a special one for us because it’s based on direct feedback from our people about how it feels to work at CP, and that’s more valuable than anything else.”