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What is CP Innovation?
Innovation is part of our DNA. We get a real buzz out of working with businesses like yours that are going places. We want to be on that journey with you. Side by Side every step of the way.

From initial grants to kickstart a project, Research and Development incentives to further support your development to applying for patents to protect your products and processes, CP Innovation have you covered.

We work in partnership with award-winning advisers and organisations including some leading universities. We can connect you with experts who can provide support that goes beyond the academic and theoretical to the practical. Including help to access funding.

Our partners include award-winning universities, patent attorneys and grant providers.

We build relationships with our clients that break the mould. And we’re never afraid to give our opinion. Why? Because that’s how we’ll help you to maximise the support available to your business, and free up your time to get the most out of life.

Business Support & Grants

We can help you access business support and funding opportunities to help with your business growth and innovation plans.

Research And Development Tax Credits

Fund your business growth and evolve for the future with research and development tax relief – a government incentive to reward the time and investment businesses put into creating or improving products, processes or services.

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Intellectual Property & Patent Box

Patenting your new development could help protect your Intellectual Project but did you know it can also help you access another very beneficial tax relief. Patent Box tax relief is an innovation tax relief for companies who have developed qualifying intellectual property rights (IP), typically patents.

Creative Tax Reliefs

Creative Industry Tax Reliefs are aimed at supporting companies to innovate through the development of creative talent and technology. We can help you work out if your business qualifies and can access the tax relief.

Our Experts

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PAUL, JAN 2024

“Excellent service for our first year audit.”


“R&D Claim: The results were better than expected. The additional cash will enable us to increase profitability”

ALAN, JAN 2024

“R&D Claim: The results were not as good as previous years. The additional cash will allow us to further invest in our R&D program.”


“Great to have a personal relationship with the whole team. Always willing to help. Sometimes a little slow to respond on some issues (but then again so are we). Audit team are brilliant, bar audits far to long now owing to the amount of sample data we have to provide, which is hard when you have a small team and limited time.”


“Great team, and much improved communication and pro-active engagement over the past three months.”

MARK, DEC 2023

ROB, DEC 2023

“R&D Claim: Having worked with the R&D team at CP for a few years now, I had a good idea what to expect. As per usual they exceeded our expectations. The additional cash will allow us to invest in our fleet.”


“Excellent service. Need to ensure pricing is competitive.”


“Good insights provided. Nice team to deal with. Need more consistency of team members and where this is not possible a better handover should be provided to new members. Need strong manager oversight on all audits, in particular where there are complex transactions etc. Improved communication between audit team and finance functions within the business.”


“Final Packs are taking too long, communication”