Personal tax covers everything that happens to you as a person.

Personal tax covers everything that happens to you as a person. And our personal tax advice covers everything from selling assets, advice around property and where you are resident for tax purposes (domicile), to planning to minimise inheritance tax on death and setting up trusts to protect your family.


We work with all sorts of people – family business owners, entrepreneurs, shareholders and landlords. It all starts by getting an understanding of your situation, finding out about the people you care about, the money you’ve worked for and where we can help you the most. It sounds obvious but personal tax advice is personal.


You could come to us for personal tax advice on something simple like helping you prepare your annual tax return, where you’ll want to know it will be submitted, compliant and on time each year.

You might want clarity on residency status or tax if you have property abroad or you’re a non-UK domicile.

Or, you might be thinking about a big life or business event. We help people protect and pass on wealth using Trusts. We’ll help you with Capital Gains Tax, where we’ll maximise the reliefs available if you’re selling an asset such as property or shares.

And we can help you plan for your inheritance too, looking at how you’ll structure your estate in the best way possible to look after the people or causes you care about.


Giving you personal tax advice all starts with listening to you. Our advice is bespoke to every person that we work with. And if you get in touch, it’ll be unique to you and your family.

The reason our tax team is award-winning is simple. It’s because we really care about the people we work with, and our clients value our straight-forward advice and expertise. We’re ultimately driven by knowing we’re looking after people, their loved ones and the things they care about most.


Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is pretty simple to explain. It’s making sure you’re abiding by HMRC’s rules and regulations when you submit your tax returns. At Cooper Parry, our tax team can make sure that’s the case.

Inheritance Tax

When it comes to inheritance tax advice, we typically work with people and their entire family – sometimes looking after three generations. We’ll review and advise you on your Will, work out a strategy to protect your wealth and consider options such as placing your assets or money into a family investment company (FIC) or trust. We’ll work with lawyers and our wider tax team to protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

Trust & Estate Planning

Trusts are ultimately created to help a beneficiary or a group of beneficiaries. They are flexible and there can be huge tax advantages. They can be used to loan money for properties, pay for school fees, provide a regular income and much more.

Residence & Domicile

Your residency and domicile status can change the way you pay certain taxes. You may be a resident in one country but domiciled in another. In which case, you’d be a non-domiciled resident. This means you’d pay tax on overseas income in a different way. And we help people work out where to pay tax, how much tax to pay and the most efficient way of paying it.

Property & Landlords

Supporting property owners with all aspects of running a property portfolio including Stamp Duty, Trusts and Capital Gains Tax. We’ll make sure you’re using the right structures to maximise tax efficiency and save money.

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PAUL, JAN 2024

“Excellent service for our first year audit.”


“R&D Claim: The results were better than expected. The additional cash will enable us to increase profitability”

ALAN, JAN 2024

“R&D Claim: The results were not as good as previous years. The additional cash will allow us to further invest in our R&D program.”


“Great to have a personal relationship with the whole team. Always willing to help. Sometimes a little slow to respond on some issues (but then again so are we). Audit team are brilliant, bar audits far to long now owing to the amount of sample data we have to provide, which is hard when you have a small team and limited time.”


“Great team, and much improved communication and pro-active engagement over the past three months.”

MARK, DEC 2023

ROB, DEC 2023

“R&D Claim: Having worked with the R&D team at CP for a few years now, I had a good idea what to expect. As per usual they exceeded our expectations. The additional cash will allow us to invest in our fleet.”


“Excellent service. Need to ensure pricing is competitive.”


“Good insights provided. Nice team to deal with. Need more consistency of team members and where this is not possible a better handover should be provided to new members. Need strong manager oversight on all audits, in particular where there are complex transactions etc. Improved communication between audit team and finance functions within the business.”


“Final Packs are taking too long, communication”